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- People -

Sales and Marketing teams are the front line of your business. Your teams present your brand and position your solution to the world. Nothing is more important than hiring, training and incentivizing your teams toward success.

- Process -

Give your teams the guiding principles to help them gain a competitive advantage. From web-morphology to lead nurturing, call scripts to auto-dialers, your revenue teams need a process-driven edge to stay one step ahead.

- Technology -

Tasks that take a human a day to complete may take a computer only a second. Marketing and sales technologies are no longer an option but are now a requirement. Give your teams the tools they need to keep up.

Having spent a decade in data analysis and customer success leadership, I know what an organized, usable map for business leaders to follow looks like. John has created just that.

Michael Redbord
General Manager, Service Hub at HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS)

Sales & Marketing Acceleration


- Faster Deals -

I build tools and processes that help sales and marketing teams generate deals that close faster than average and directly accelerate revenue.


 Eliminated duplicate leads and reduced opportunity overlap 90% - HubSpot

 Reduced prospecting time by 35% through intelligent sourcing - Bedrock Data

Accelerated deals = quicker sales cycles.

- Bigger Deals -

I help teams identify how to generate larger opportunities leading to more revenue per conversation and contact.


 Moved entire company up-market increasing ACV over 500% - Bedrock Data

 Created $7MM in new revenue by creating two new market segments - HubSpot

Increasing ACV = more money per customer.

- More Deals -

I help businesses discover more deals per person-hour, generating leverage upon the time invested by the sales and marketing teams.


 100% increase in outbound leads sourced - HubSpot

 4x market potential through viral sales partner program - Bedrock Data

More opportunities = better team scalability.

John's work provides the context that will be the key to boosting business velocity, enabling dynamic business scaling, and ensuring greater business operational flexibility in our new digital world.

Rick Villars
Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud, IDC

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